Published On:

9th Shrawan 2075

Start At:

30th Shrawan 2075


7th Bhadra 2075

*[UPDATED ROUTINE]: According to the new update, 1st semester of  Master of Business Studies (MBS) will be held as per the schedule is given below:

*The routine is updated on 16th Shrawan 2075 (1st August 2018)

Updated Exam Schedule for MBS 1st semester 

The Faculty of Management of Tribhuvan University (TU) has published routine for the 1st semester of  Master of Business Studies (MBS) for the year 2075/2018. The exam starts on 30th Shrawan 2075 (15th August 2018) and ends on 7th Bhadra 2075 (23rd August 2018). The notice for the exam centre and exam time will be published later. The further details can be found below: