Scholarships for Bachelors Level

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Bachelor level is the level of study which is done after high school diploma or equivalent. The average completion of this level is 3-7 years depending on institution & academic field. It is also unknown as undergraduate study. A Bachelors degree program aim to round out a whole. It includes general courses and specific courses in major concentration.

Bachelor’s level equips students with skill and knowledge in a particular field that will lead them to professional jobs. Bachelor degree is a standard for entry into professional characters. So, many students want to achieve this degree. Many Universities of Nepal as well as other countries provide Bachelor’s level education. The study of the level is very expensive. So, many students cannot achieve it. So, there are different scholarships available to get thus degree.

One of the scholarship is the “bachelor Level Scholarship for Children of Nepal Government Employs” (Nijamati Karmachari), It is sponsored by the Government of Nepal, Ministry of General Administration (M.GA). It includes subject areas like MBBS, Nursing, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Management, BAMS, BDS, Engineering, Agriculture & Forestry etc.

Similarly, Institute of Medicine(IOM) provides scholarship each year for Medical courses like MBBS, BDS, B.Sc. Nursing , etc. Also institute of Engineering (IOE) provides scholarships in different fields of Engineering. Ministry of Education(MOE) also provides some scholarships for study of Bachelor level.

Although, these national as well as international scholarships are available, yet many students miss this opportunity to apply for it due to lack of proper information. Thus, the aim of this website is to provide information about scholarship for bachelor level from different website at one place and make it available for the convenience of the students.

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