Scholarships for Masters Level

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Masters level is the level of study done after the completion of Bachelor level. This degree of study is done to get deep knowledge and advancement within a field. It is very important as it increases job opportunities. It is completed within 2-3 years. In the present context, many students want to achieve this degree in order to advance their career, advance the opportunity as well as to earn greater salary. So, Master degree has been a center of attraction for many students to achieve their goal in a particular field and become successful.

Although, Master’s Degree has a lot of scope. Yet many students aren’t  able to achieve this degree. It is not due to lack of intellectual capacity but due to the high cost for achievement of this degree. Due to the financial obstacle many students stop their study after Bachelor level. Specially, students from low economic background cannot achieve it.

As a solution to this problem, many scholarship schemes has been introduced by the Universities & institutions of Nepal as well as foreign countries. There are very few scholarship schemes available in Nepal for Masters Degree. But there are many scholarships available for Masters degree in UK , US, Australia, European countries, India, etc.

 Although these scholarships are available, still many students miss the opportunity to study it due to lack of proper information about it. So, our aim is to provide the updated information about the available scholarships in Nepal as well as foreign countries through different websites and make it available at one place for the convenience of students.

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