Scholarships for PhD

Doctor of philosophy (PH.D) is the highest academic degree awarded by universities in most countries . this degree is achieved after the completion of Master’s degree. After the completion of the degree , the person can use the abbreviation (Dr) in front of his name. this degree is usually required to work as University professor, researcher, etc in different field.

By achieving this degree, takes students to a whole new level of competency as it is the highest academic degree. After this degree , an individual achieves in-depth knowledge of a field which increases confidence. It also increase chance of job placement as the no. of competitors decreases at this level. Thus, many students want to achieve this degree either due to interest in their own field or to achieve the highest level of academics.

The cost of achieving this degree is very high. It costs about more than 5,00,000 to achieve this degree in Nepal. So, in spite of the interest and desire of achieving this degree, many students are unable to achieve it due to financial barrier. Specially, the students from low economic background are desprived of achieving it.

As a solution to this problem, many scholarship schemes has been introduced by the universities and institutions of Nepal as well as foreign countries. Yet the students haven’t been able to utilize this opportunity due to lack of proper information about it. Thus, our aim is to collect the information about all the available scholarships for PH.D degree from different websites and make it available at once place for the convenience of the students.