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Europe is a continent which consists of many development countries. Some of the European countries are Germany, UK, Franc , Italy, Netherland, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Spain, France, Canada, etc. these countries have been promoting the education by providing scholarships to the international students.

Each year, millions of Euros worth of scholarships are offered by the colleges and universities in Europe for international students. The European union along with the European government also offer government funded scholarship to attract international students to Europe. Like European students, other foreign and international students can also apply to hundred of universities in Europe that are tuition free.

The scholarships are provided by different countries in Europe on the basis of personal and professional qualities of the person as well as the academic competence. There are some scholarships which are targeted to award outstanding scholars while there are some scholarships which are targeted to international students to developing countries like Nepal. The scholarships are available for different field of study and for different levels like Bachelors, Masters and PH.D.

The scholarship may cover tuition fees, health insurance, lodging, fooding , allowance, etc depending upon the scheme. The scholarships may also be full or partial scholarship.

Due to the lack of proper education and few number of institute in Nepal, many Nepalese students are attract to move to these European countries to pursue the education. But due to lack of proper information many students miss their opportunity to apply for the scholarship in European countries. So, we are trying to update all the available scholarships for the European countries in the site.