Scholarships in the United States

United State of America (USA) or UNITED States (US) or simply America is one of the most developed and powerful countries of the world. So, it is a prime destination for the students who are looking for an education from top universities of the world which provide a widely recognized education. But many students from developing countries cannot afford to study in the Universities of this country due to poor economic condition.

To promote the overall education, USA has been providing many scholarships to international students. Every year, many scholarships are offered by the different universities of US, Us government and other institutions to study in US. The US Embassy in Nepal has also been helping to promote education in Nepal  by providing scholarships.

According to some reports, Nepalese students studying in US Universities are the fastest growing international students population for higher education in United States. This increase may due to few number of institutions in Nepal and Due to the lack of institutions in Nepal and due to the lack of opportunities to study here .

The scholarships are available for various field of study as for different levels like Bachelors, Masters and PH.D.  degree. The scholarships may be full or partial scholarships. The scholarships may cover tuition fees, lodging, fooding, health insurance, etc. all these things depend on the schemes of scholarship.

Many Napalese  students who want to apply for studies in US do not get proper information about these scholarship scheme. So, in this website we are trying to collect all the information about it from different websites and place it at one place for the convenience of the students.

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