Type in Nepali (Easy Nepali Unicode Converter)

Introduction to the best Unicode converter

We know that typing in preeti, Nirmala, Himalaya or any other Nepali fonts is not easy and something that is not easy to learn within few days aswell. People these days rely on writing in Unicode and there are tons of free tools to write in Nepali. However, not all tools are capable of helping you to write precisely and correctly. Looking at this common problem of content creators, we have  redesigned easy Nepali typing system which is more accurate, easy , smart, fast and powerful in comparison to other Unicode converter systems found in the internet. Our tool is based on Google Transliteration. So, the system we used to design the typing layout has the system developed by google in the backend. 

Mobile Friendly

Most of the people these days use mobile device to browse the internet and write notes, messages and other stuffs. So, we have optimized our unicode converter to work best in all mobile devices be it simple keyboard phones or touchscreens. It feels like a native app when used in mobile phones without installing anything in your device. You can visit this page whenever you need and you don’t have to store anything on your mobile device. It is a “use as you go” tool. Typing in Nepali from small screen device was never this easy before.

How to use this Nepali Unicode tool?

It is very easy and simple tool that is capable of helping you write Nepali words and sentences of any length. Type the Nepali words in English as you (probably) do in chat. The internal system will automatically convert your typed words and sentences into Nepali Unicode. You can use the converted Nepali content as it is or even convert it to Preeti, Himalaya or any other Nepali fonts of your choice. To convert the Unicode into preeti font, you can use our another tool; Unicode to Preeti which is as robust as our Unicode system. So, it is as easy as writing in regular English language. You don’t need to learn anything extra except some special characters and word combinations.

Is this Nepali Unicode tool free to use for big projects?

Yes, Our Nepali typing tool is completely free solution developed to help you create content in Nepali. We don;t charge anything from you to use this tool. No any word, time or usage limitations. You can recommend tis unicode converter to your friends, collegues and family members with confidence as they will be able to use this robust tool for free forever.

Bookmark this page to open the unicode converter in one click

Press Control (CTRL) + D to bookmark EduNepal’s unicode converter tool and use it whenever you need. The button will be created in your browser with a link to this converter. You don’t need to remember the link or search for the unicode in search engines anymore. Simply bookmark this page abd forget. The Nepali typing tool will always be in your browser ready to be used whenever you need.

Unicode to Preeti: After you have written in Unicode, you can use it in blogger, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any other CMS or blogging systems and in your custom CMS as well if you have configured the CMS correctly to read and display Unicodes. Also, The unicode can be used in Ms-word, google docs, wordpad and similar writing platforms.However, If you wish to convert the unicode generated in more recognized fonts like Preeti, we have a tool to convert the unicode generated into Preeti font easily. Our unicode to preeti converter allows users to simply paste the unicode and convert it to preeti font automatically with a click of a button.

Unicode Transliteral Converter

a = अ, aa = आ, i = इ, ee = ई, u = उ, oo = ऊ, e = ए, ai = ऐ, o = ओ, au = औ, aM = अं, a: = अ:

k = क, kh = ख, g = ग, gh = घ, NG = ङ, ch = च, chh = छ, j = ज, jh = झ,
NY = ञ, T = ट, Th = ठ, D = ड, Dh = ढ, N = ण, t = त, th = थ, d = द,
dh = ध, n = न, p = प, f = फ, b = ब, bh = भ, m = म, y = य, r = र,
l = ल, w = व, sh = श, Sh = ष, s = स, h = ह, kSh = क्ष, tr = त्र, Gy = ज्ञ